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Aorus Naturals Easy Gut Capsule contains a unique blend of 9 ayurvedic herbs that have been proven to deliver quick and effective treatment for constipation. These herbs such as Senna, Nishoth, Isabgol, and Haritaki aid in clearing your bowels, without any abdominal discomfort or watery movements. They also aid in maintaining the health of your digestive system to avoid any further constipation issues.


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Strengthen Your Gut.

Experience the wonders of Ayurveda and say goodbye to gut problems.

Choti Harad

Promotes healthy digestion


Eases bowel movement

Fennel Seed

Cleanse digestive track


Fibre enriched ingredient


Removes Hyperacidity


Eases the passage of stools.


Anti-inflammatory properties


Speeds up bowel movement


Prevents bacterial infection.

A Happy Gut is a Happy You.

It might surprise you, but your immunity depends upon your gut health. Your digestive system plays a vital role in your health,
which is why it is essential to ensure that you take good care of it. Aorus Naturals Easy Gut contains highly effective ingredients
that will enhance your gut health preventing countless digestive issues.

Aorus Natural Aspiring the Roots

Experience the blissfulness of Easy Gut

1. Helps relieve gas and bloating.
2. Regulates bowel movements
3. Improves digestive health
4. Non-habit forming
5. Helps relieve constipation
6. Prevents constipation

How much to consume?

One bottle of Aorus Naturals Easy Gut includes 60 tablets. It is advised to consume 1-2 pills twice a day after meals or as reported by the physician.

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We get these questions asked a lot

Yes, Aorus Easy Gut contains those herbs which not only softens the stool but also work at the digestive fire to digest the meals properly and improve the gut peristalsis which is important for proper evacuation of the rectum.

No, it’s a myth. Laxatives are not habit forming. They just help to evacuate the rectum with in few hours of intake by improving the reabsorption of water in the large intestine. On a positive note, AORUS EASY GUT CAPSULES acts at the stomach level where its digests the incompletely digested food which is easy to evacuate and also maintains water level so that its evacuation is complete and comfortable to the user.

Yes , main reason of constipation as per ayurveda is mandagani , which can be improved at any whether it’s a child or adult. In children we can use the material filled inside the capsule and it can be given with warm water or milk or with honey. for dose we should confirm it with the doctor.

Yes, it can be given to pregnant women only after recommendation of doctor with proper titration of dose.

No. Aorus Easy gut is actually very safe to use medicine which relieves constipation along with reduction in bloating and heaviness and also improves appetite.

Yes. As I have already discussed chronic constipation even after diet modifications arises due to age associated agnidushti ( fire responsible for digestion). Long term use of laxatives reduces this fire/ or interferes with the proper functioning of the fire. Here, AORUS EASY GUT CAPSULES, improves the digestive fire and thus also improve the appetite, digestion and absorption of nutrients along with passage of fully digested, soft stool.

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6 reviews for Aorus Naturals Easy Gut

  1. nitishmarkan

    This is an absolutely amazing product. I used to have constipation and tried a lot of medicines to treat it. But at the end, this product turned out to be a real solution. Highly recommended.

  2. preeti0901

    Finally..: a perfect hair oil that helped me get rid of dandruff. I am glad that I invested in this product. It really gave me amazing results.

  3. tanmaikaushal1109

    Hello Aorus team members.. You are doing an amazing job.. As I know coz what constipation sufferers are going through. This medicine helps me cure my gut issues from the root cause.I strongly recommend it.

  4. paramjeetbalharapam

    I have been suffering from Digestive issues for the last 6 months.I got to know from social media about Aorus naturals. So I started taking their supplements for 3 month and it has enhanced my gut health preventing countless digestive issues.. I am so happy with the results . I will definitely continue my medicine.Thank u so much Aorus Naturals.

  5. Ajay

    Works well without causing stomach irritation

  6. adityakataria20.ak

    Very effective for constipation. No doubt

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