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Aorus Naturals is the registered brand of Purex India. Our Journey is influenced with the richness & miraculous power of the herbal & ancient Ayurvedic science.

Aorus Naturals | About us 3
Aorus Natural | Ayurvedic

In Indian subcontinent, this medical knowledge known to be disseminated from the Gods to sages, and then to human physicians. After the years of association with medical institutions and doctors, it is proven that it works on the root cause of disease and it can eradicate the disease from the body in the same way as one destroys weed at its roots to prevent it from returning.

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The only thing we require to take benefit of this science is right consultation and pure herbs. We don’t want to compromise on Purity and Quality hence we started Purex India. It is our fully functional manufacturing unit with world class automated machines based at Panchkula, Haryana (India).

Aorus Naturals | About us 2
Aorus 100% Natural

We are working on strong hand holdings of modern and ancient therapies so that this synergy can be utilized for the human wellbeing to the fullest.

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We ensure sourcing of natural herbs direct from farms and keeping less human involvement in whole of the manufacturing process that too without adding any chemicals, preservatives & synthetic fragrances.

Aorus Naturals | About us 1
Aorus Natural | Doctor's Recommended
Doctor's Recommended
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Clinically Tested
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Ayush Certified
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Authentic Herbs
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100% Natural Herbs
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Quality Products
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